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Top 5 Creative Agencies In Dubai

Looking to make a splash in the business world? You’ll need more than just a great product or service – you need to stand out! That’s where a creative agency comes in. Imagine transforming your brand’s presence, revitalizing your visuals, and witnessing a surge in profits – all made possible through the enchantment of collaborating with a creative agency!

But wait, there’s more! These agencies offer a whole range of services. From crafting your brand’s identity to creating show-stopping ad campaigns and even designing your next big thing – they’ve got you covered!So, if you’re on the lookout for the leading  creative agency in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the inside scoop to help you find the cream of the crop!

Costs Of Creative Agencies In Dubai

But hold on, before we dive in, let’s talk about money! Wondering how much it’ll cost you to hire a creative agency in Dubai? Well, it’s a bit like a mixed bag of goodies. Rates vary depending on the project’s size and scope.Here’s the deal most agencies charge based on the time and resources needed for your project. Think of it like setting a budget and paying as the work progresses.

Now, some agencies prefer hourly rates, perfect for smaller projects. Others offer monthly retainers, ideal if you’ve got a lot on your plate. Starting prices? Well, boutique agencies kick off at around AED 5000, while bigger firms start around AED 15000. But hold onto your hat – more complex jobs might cost you a pretty penny.

What else affects the rates? Experience, clientele, and tech fees, to name a few. So, get ready to invest in your business’s future – it’s time to find your perfect match in the creative world!

Emirates Graphic

Emirates Graphic is a powerhouse in the world of creative agencies, with a reputation for excellence dating back to its establishment in 2012. Renowned for its exceptional website design, mobile app development, and digital marketing prowess, this agency has earned the top spot in the industry, as recognized by Clutch in 2020.

Located at Office 1406, 14th Floor, Tiffany Tower, Cluster W, Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai, UAE, Emirates Graphic offers a comprehensive range of services, including web design and development, mobile app design and development, digital marketing, and branding.

What sets Emirates Graphic apart is its commitment to challenging the status quo and delivering innovative solutions that resonate with audiences worldwide. Each project is approached with a focus on executing the client’s vision and engaging target audiences in creative and meaningful ways. While specializing in website design and mobile app development, Emirates Graphic also offers branding services, crafting logos, brochures, flyers, banners, and business cards that align with each client’s unique brand identity. 

Emirates Graphic is known for providing clients with custom CMS solutions, ensuring full administrative control over content, along with three months of technical support and SEO optimization for web design projects. Their mobile app development services guarantee functional, user-friendly, and optimized applications across various categories, from e-commerce to augmented reality. While specializing in website design and mobile app development, Emirates Graphic also offers branding services, crafting logos, brochures, flyers, banners, and business cards that align with each client’s unique brand identity.

Grassroots Creative Agency

Grassroots Creative Agency, nestled in the vibrant heart of Dubai, is on a mission to revolutionize creative solutions with a modern twist. Founded with a vision to blend cutting-edge design with the essentials of social media marketing and growth, Grassroots is paving the way for innovative brand experiences.

Despite being a small team, Grassroots boasts a wealth of experience, with dedicated creatives collectively amassing over 30 years of expertise. Their portfolio shines with successful projects spanning social media management, graphic and web design, videography, and photography.

At Grassroots, they believe in the power of individuality, recognizing that no two clients are alike. Before diving into a project, they invest time in truly understanding each business’s unique essence and objectives. For social media management endeavors, Grassroots takes a meticulous approach, conducting multiple kick-off meetings and comprehensive research to ensure a deep understanding of the client’s landscape and competition.

Embracing the art of effective visual and verbal communication, Grassroots seamlessly integrates traditional and digital art into their creations, crafting captivating posters, print ads, and corporate materials. And to streamline the process, they collaborate with trusted suppliers for seamless reproduction.

House of Comms

House of Comms, established in 2012, has evolved from a modest communications agency into a global marketing powerhouse with a presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh. Renowned for its innovative approach, the agency is always at the forefront of discovering trends that captivate audiences, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression.

As one of the premier creative agencies in Dubai, House of Comms offers an extensive range of services, including graphic design, digital marketing, content creation, and film production. At the heart of their offerings lies strategic planning, meticulously crafted to propel your brand forward. Leveraging cutting-edge analytical technology, the agency continually refines strategies based on real-time data insights.

Setting House of Comms apart is its comprehensive PR services, encompassing reputation management, influencer activation, media relations, and crisis communications. With a diverse clientele including Acer, Fujifilm, Swiss Global, and Uber, the agency has earned a reputation for excellence in delivering tangible results.

Epic Communications

Established in 2016 by marketing enthusiast Badr Soueidan, Epic Communications is a dynamic creative marketing agency dedicated to helping brands leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

Driven by the mantra that “anything less than exceptional isn’t good enough,” Epic is committed to providing clarity in brand essence and delivering genuine, effective communications strategies.

Setting itself apart from other agencies, Epic offers comprehensive PR services, recognizing the power of authentic brand communication through media relations and influencer marketing.

True to its name, Epic has played a pivotal role in driving significant growth for various companies, including Al Masraf, the United Arab Bank, and the Commercial Bank of Dubai.

While Epic offers a diverse range of services, its primary focus has been on providing creative solutions for banks and finance companies. If your business operates within this sector, Epic may be the perfect partner for you.


Vowels earns its spot on our list of top branding agencies for its savvy approach to 21st-century marketing practices, perfectly tailored for the social media era.

Partnering with Vowels means teaming up with professionals who deliver genuine value through strategic differentiation. Their designers and writers excel at crafting memorable and impactful brand identities that yield a significant return on investment.

What sets Vowels apart is their commitment to personalized service, offering one-on-one appointments for in-depth discussions to illuminate their clients’ visions in a fresh, new light.

While scheduling an appointment is preferred over walk-ins due to their popularity and busy schedule, Vowels remains a reliable choice for branding services, demonstrating a deep understanding of client needs and exceptional creativity.


  • Utilizes cutting-edge branding techniques
  • Professional and accessible staff


  • No 24/7 support
  • Occasional website downtime

Client Reviews

Clients rave about their experience with Vowels:

We approached Vowels for corporate rebranding, needing a complete logo makeover and corporate identity. They worked closely with us to understand our values, vision, and requirements, starting with a Discovery Session that helped us rediscover our company persona and align our future direction. Vowels intuitively grasped our needs and offered remarkable creative expressions.


In conclusion, choosing the right creative agency is essential for businesses aiming to make a lasting impact in today’s competitive landscape. Whether it’s branding, digital marketing, or PR services, each agency brings its unique strengths and expertise to the table. By carefully considering factors such as services offered, client reviews, and alignment with your brand’s vision, you can confidently select the agency that best suits your needs. With the right creative partner by your side, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in your industry.

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